Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spoiler Alert 01: Chloe Neill

Even though the following will not spoil the book, this post will contain teasers for the book. If you like to stay spoiler/teaser free please don't read any farther. 

House Rules, the 7th book in Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires series hits the selves next week. Even that seems a little too far away right? To save the day, here are two teasers that she has released.

This one was released back in November. I figured since I was doing this, I may as well include it.

What the hell is going on?”
“We needed to clear the air,” Ethan said, silver eyes blazing as he stared at Jonah.
Jonah, his expression surprisingly serene, nodded in agreement.
“About what?”
“You,” they simultaneously said.
I was completely flabbergasted that two grown men—more than grown, chronologically—would waste their time throwing punches at each other.
“And this was the best way you could do it?”
“Yes,” they simultaneously answered.

Now this one, I literally just got in my e mail a few hours ago, with the subject "If Ethan asked you to dance would you say yes?" Within it was a small teaser, and a link to the complete teaser. So unfair right? My will power stripped, I couldn't help but read. This teaser was released a few days ago on her site. 

He stopped behind my chair and held out a hand. The entire table went silent.
“Dance with me,” he said.
My cheeks warmed. “There’s no music.”
Before he had time to respond, the quartet in the corner—a group of Cadogan and Rogue vampires with musical talents—began to play a jazzy tune.
I gave him a sardonic look. “Did you just telepathically direct them to start playing that?”
“What’s the point of being telepathic if you can’t use the connection for a wee bit of wickedness, Sentinel?”
I heard the yearning sigh of a female vampire to my right, and caught the dreamy-eyed gaze of a male vampire to my left. Ethan was an equal-opportunity crush.
He wiggled his fingers. “Merit?”
With the audience’s eyes on me, it would have been difficult to say no to Ethan even if I hadn’t had feelings for him. That I did made it virtually impossible.
“Of course,” I said, putting my hand in his and letting him lead me to the makeshift dance floor.
Oh, my God, could he move.
Ethan whipped a hand around my waist like he’d trained with the cast of a televised dance competition. With moves that were a mix of swing and tango, he led me around the floor like a dance master, all the while keeping those ridiculously green eyes focused on me. Fortunately, I’d been a ballerina in my former (human) life, so I managed to keep up with him. I even tried to put on a good show—or at least as good a show as pants and a fitted leather jacket would allow—to the surprise of Rogue and Cadogan vampires.
The song ended, and Ethan dropped me into a dip, his smile mischievous and his eyes twinkling. The rest of the world came rushing back in a roar of sound as the vampires on the margins of the dance floor burst into applause.
Ethan brought me back to my feet, my ponytail bobbing over a shoulder. “And that, Sentinel, is how you impress a crowd.”

Enough to tie you over? If not, she has also released the first chapter. You can read it here.

What did you think? House Rules will be released on February 5th. And look for more Chicagoland Vampire goodies on February 6th, where Chloe will be making a stop for her blog tour.