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Review: Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Deity (Covenant #3)
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Publication date: November 6th, 2012
Number of pages: 330
Format: E-book
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"History is on repeat, and things didn't go so well the last time. "

Alexandria isn't sure she's going to make it to her eighteenth birthday--to her Awakening. A long-forgotten, fanatical order is out to kill her, and if the Council ever discovers what she did in the Catskills, she's a goner... and so is Aiden.

If that's not freaky enough, whenever Alex and Seth spend time "training"--which really is just Seth's code word for some up-close and personal one-on-one time--she ends up with another mark of the Apollyon, which brings her one step closer to Awakening ahead of schedule. Awesome.

But as her birthday draws near, her entire world shatters with a startling revelation and she's caught between love and Fate. One will do anything to protect her. One has been lying to her since the beginning. Once the gods have revealed themselves, unleashing their wrath, lives will be irrevocably changed... and destroyed.

Those left standing will discover if love is truly greater than Fate...
The third book in this amazing series only just gets better as it goes along. Alex's 18th birthday is coming up and we know what that means: Her awakening, and that is something I am not sure she is ready for.

This book solidfied the two core relationships I felt. Alex and Aiden and Alex and Seth. One for the better and one for the worse. You probably can guess which is which. But these things happen.
The relationship between Alex and  Aiden I have loved, shipped, supported from the very first book, but they have had their ups and downs considering the reality of their situation. In this book things become very real and they are forced to make a very bold choice. Do they follow their hearts, or do they follow the rules, which shouldn't be put there to begin with?

There are all sorts of twists and turns that transpire in this book. From who Leon really is, the truth about Alex's father and what that could mean for her and what happens the closer she gets to her awakening. What does that mean for her and Seth, and her in general?
There are of course some betrayals that you might not see coming, and end up being quite heartbreaking.

All in all, this book goes down a new path that sets the series on its own and makes anything that comes next bigger and badder than you ever thought possible.

And then we are stuck with dreaded cliffhanger, and it is such a biggie. To also bridge the gap between this book and the next we are then treated to a special novella narrated by Aiden about the events that transpire after the ending to Deity. Be a watchout for that review.

Verdict: 5/5

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