Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: Glitch by Heather Anatasiu

Glitch (Glitch #1) by Heather Anastasiu
Publication Date: August 7, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Number of Pages: 308
Format: Paperback
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In the Community, there is no more pain or war. Implanted computer chips have wiped humanity clean of destructive emotions, and thoughts are replaced by a feed from the Link network.

When Zoe starts to malfunction (or “glitch”), she suddenly begins having her own thoughts, feelings, and identity. Any anomalies must be immediately reported and repaired, but Zoe has a secret so dark it will mean certain deactivation if she is caught: her glitches have given her uncontrollable telekinetic powers.

As Zoe struggles to control her abilities and stay hidden, she meets other glitchers including Max, who can disguise his appearance, and Adrien, who has visions of the future. Both boys introduce Zoe to feelings that are entirely new. Together, this growing band of glitchers must find a way to free themselves from the controlling hands of the Community before they’re caught and deactivated, or worse.

In this action-packed debut, Glitch begins an exciting new young adult trilogy.

I'm not even sure where to begin. I initially picked this book up because of the cover. Which the saying "never judge a book by it's cover" shouldn't be implied literally most of the time. This isn't the first book I've brought that I initially picked up because the cover caught my eye. Plus I have really gotten into dystopia fiction lately. So I thought why not.

When the book begins Zoe has already been glitching. She knows the right thing to do is to report it so she can get fixed. But she has a secret and she knows if she reports herself she will be deactivated.  But she's been glitching more often and has become paranoid that someone will notice and report her. Which is when she notices Adrien, and Zoe is convinced he's a monitor. But when he saves her from an official, she has no choice but to trust him.

I absolutely love Adrien. And not even half way through the book I was already on Team Adrien. And of course staying true to YA, we have a love triangle. Not even 100 pages in I could see it already forming, which kind of annoyed me. I could tell Max was a glitcher before it was officially revealed. Just something about his actions tipped me off. And I was weary of him from the first moment. When he finally told Zoe he was glitching too, well there was a scene that was really too creepy for me to process. I literally looked up and wondered if I was reading some type of sci-fi porn. Most of the time I usually like the "other guy", but I just wanted Max to go far away.

There was a small twist where Zoe founds out that she had been on the surface when she was young, but she also had an older brother. The bigger twist at the end was kind of boring. I almost kind of guessed it before it happened.

Overall, it was a decent book. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. The way they speak and how they live took a while to get used too. And I'm still not sure I'm used to how they say things. They just seem too robotish too me. I do wish we got to see more of her mom, dad, and especially her brother. I'm curious to see what happens next.

Rating: 3/5

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