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Review: Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz

Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz
Publication Date: September 25, 2012
Publisher: ATOM
Number of Pages: 271
Format: Paperback
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Lawson and his brothers escaped from the underworld and now lead desperate, dangerous lives. They’re pursued by the Hounds of Hell from one town to the next, never calling any place home. But when the hounds finally catch up with them and capture the girl Lawson loves, the hunters become the hunted. Lawson will stop at nothing to track down the hounds, even if the chances of saving Tala are slim...

The only hope he has lies in Bliss Llewellyn. Bliss, too, has lost someone to the beasts and will do anything to get them back—even if it means joining forces with the insolent, dangerously good-looking boy with a wolf’s soul.

First I would like to Katrina  for hosting the Blue Bloods read a long. I was lucky enough not only to win two of the monthly give a ways, but I won the grand prize in which included the paperback of Wolf Pact. Since pretty much in the US you can only get the e books. Isn't the cover beautiful?

Back to the review. Honestly as excited I was to read the book, I was also a little hesitated since I have seen a lot of negative reviews. That will teach me to base my decisions on reviews. I completely trust Cruz. I don't think I've read anything by her that I've been disappointed in. Even though it's technically not considered part of the Blue Bloods series, I think it should be. Especially since I do believe Cruz even said herself that we should read Wolf Pact before Gates of Paradise. 

The book picks up right after Sky and Jack's bonding. I wasn't sure what to think about in the beginning. It was kind of odd. But I quickly came to love Lawson and all of the pack. And if you are fans of her Witches series, Arthur Beauchamp makes an appearance in this book. Which I found I love when characters from these two series shows up in the other. Arthur has taken up the task in helping the wolves fit in today's world. A favor Gabrielle has asked him. Even once the pack has realized they can fit it, they still have to stay on the move. The hell hounds are hunting them determined to drag them back to hell.

Bliss has been given the task to tame the hell hounds and bring them back in the fold. But instead of finding the hounds, she finds Lawson's pack. At first both aren't sure to trust either one. But when Bliss speaks their ancient language Lawson knows she's not an enemy. Both understanding what it feels like to lose the one you love. I'm glad to see that Bliss has decided to move on with her life and let Dylan go. But Lawson and Tala...I never really thought that Lawson was really in love with Tala. He only thought he was.

One of the reasons why I love Cruz's books is because they take no time to read. Not to mention hard to put the book down. The book didn't really have any clues for the last Blue Bloods book, but it does let you know Lucifer's plan. It also got me thinking. Bliss true name, the one her mother gave her means Wolfbane. And it was noted in this book she has a wolf quality to her. Is there more to Bliss than we thought?

I think this is the only time Bliss is glad that Lucifer is her father. The hounds are scared of her. And because of who she is, she was able to save the wolves. The only disappointing thing about this book is how it ended. I wanted more. And hopefully we will see more of Lawson in Gates of Paradise. Also another thing that bother me was more of a editorial mistake. There was a couple of things in the book that should of been capitalize that wasn't. But really loving the story and plot, they were easy to look over.

Rating: 4/5

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