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Review: Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels #3) by Ilona Andrews
Publication Date: March 31, 2009
Publisher: ACE
Number of Pages: 310
Format: Paperback
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Drafted into working for the Order of Merciful Aid, mercenary Kate Daniels has more paranormal problems than she knows what to do with these days. And in Atlanta, where magic comes and goes like the tide, that’s saying a lot.

But when Kate's werewolf friend Derek is discovered nearly dead, she must confront her greatest challenge yet. As her investigation leads her to the Midnight Games—an invitation only, no holds barred, ultimate preternatural fighting tournament—she and Curran, the Lord of the Beasts, uncover a dark plot that may forever alter the face of Atlanta's shapeshifting community…

The third  installment takes place a month or so after the second one ended. Atlanta is still recovering from the magic flare and Kate isn't any shortage of work. But where there is Kate trouble can't be too far behind. It all started with her once sidekick werewolf friend Derek attempting to break and enter into Saiman's penthouse to steal tickets to the Midnight Games, an illegal fight to the death tournament. Kate ends up attending with Saiman, and decides she doesn't want anything to do with the Games. But when Derek is discovered beaten to death by member's of one of the teams, things turn personal. Not to mention they are out to destroyed the Pack. The kicker? Curran has forbidden participation in the games and the group of them most hid from the Beast Lord. Nor does it help that Kate realize that Roland is behind it, and the consequences for her could be deadly.

This may be my favorite book in the series. There are tons of interactions between Curran and Kate, not to mention Curran kicks up chasing Kate a notch. We see more of Andrea and even Raphael and I adore them both. Who Kate really is has been hinted at in the past two books, but this book it's confirms who her biological father is. By a few numbers and years mentioned we also find out that the present year is 2030. Kind of makes you feel like a pervert for crushing on Curran.

I can't help but include most of my favorite quotes/scenes:

In a breath he halted by my side. "I lied. I need your help."
"Who are we killing?"

Because she was my best friend, and sticking knives into your best friend's windpipe was generally considered to be a social faux pas.

"His Majesty needs a can-I girl anyway. And I'm not it."
"A can-I girl?" Andrea frowned.
I leaned back. " 'Can I fetch you your food, Your Majesty? Can I tell you how strong and mighty you are, Your Majesty? Can I pick out your fleas, Your Majesty? Can I kiss your ass, Your Majesty? Can I..."
It dawned on me that Raphael was sitting every still. Frozen, like a statue, his gaze fixed on the point above my head.
"He's standing behind me, isn't he?"
Andrea nodded slowly.
"Technically it should be 'may I,' " Curran said, his voice deeper than I remembered. "Since you're asking permission."

"I see. Is Jim with you now?"
"Yes, he is. We're having rough sex. You're interrupting."

He groaned and I saw his face. "Curran!" I would've preferred a homicidal lunatic. Oh, wait...

"I thought you were some sort of maniac!" I growled.
"I am."
"What are you doing here?"
"Looking for Jim in your bed."
"He isn't here."
"I see that."

"You kept a key to my apartment. You bastard. How often do you come here?"
"Once in a while."
"To check on you. Saves me the trouble of sitting by the phone waiting for your 'come and rescue me' calls."
"You don't have to be troubled: there won't be any more calls. I'd rather die than call you."
"That's what worries me," he said.

"Since when do you give a crap about my welfare anyway? I think you're confused as to the nature of our relationship. You and I, we don't get along. You're a psychopathic control freak. You order me around and I want to kill you. I'm a pigheaded insubordinate ass. I drive you mad and you want to strangle me."
"Once! I did it once!"
"Once was plenty. The point is, we don't play nice."

"You sure you don't want me to stay? I'll make you coffee and ask you about your day."
"Out. Now."

Andrea waved her arms. "Of course I'll do it. I meant shoot-somebody type of help."
"Oh. Not at the moment. But I'll call you if I need a bullet through somebody's head."
"You do that. Try not to get killed."
"Will do."

"I wanted to kiss you when we were in your house. In Savannah."
Why the hell was my heart pounding? "And?"
"You looked afraid. That wasn't the reaction I was hoping for."
Be calm and reasonable. "You flatter yourself. You're not that scary."
"After I kissed you this morning, you were afraid again. Right after you looked like you were about to melt."
"You're scared there might be something there, between you and me." 

"Go play your games with Jim. I'll find you both when I need you."
Arrogant asshole. "I tell you what, if you find us before those three days run out, I'll cook you a damn dinner and serve it to you naked."

We have to get the Diamond. And Cesare's head."
They looked at me.
"Why the head?" Doolittle asked.
"Because it's easy to carry and I can torture it for a long time." And I didn't just say it out loud, did I? I checked their faces. Yep, I did.

Also, when he opened the door to leave, Curran told him very casually that if Jim wanted to pick fights with his future mate, he was welcome to do so, but he should keep in mind that Curran wouldn't come and rescue him when you beat his ass. You should've seen Jim's face."
"His what?"
"His mate. M-A-T-E."
I cursed.

As he passed me, he leaned to Curran and handed him a paper fan folded from some sort of flyer.
Curran looked at the fan. "What?"
"An emergency precaution, Your Majesty. In case the lady faints."
Curran just stared at him. Raphael strode toward the Pit, turned, flexed a bit, and winked at me.
"Give me that," I told Curran. "I need to fan myself."
"No, you don't."

"Kiss me and I'll kill you," I warned.
"It might be worth it," he said softly.

He came for me. Into a flying palace full of thousands of armed rakshasas in the middle of a magic jungle. Oh, you stupid, stupid idiot man. What was the God damn point of saving him only to watch him throw his life away?

"Stay with me, baby."
"I will."

"You came for me," I whispered.
"Always," he told me.

"Just staying sharp. Keeping you safe keeps me in shape."

Doolittle  sighed. "Shall I tell you the usual? Where you are, how you are, and in what manner you have gotten here?"
I looked at Doolittle. "Doc, we've got to stop meeting like this."
A sour grimace wrinkled his face. "You're preaching to the choir."

I know that's a lot, but well this book is amazing. And that' only half of my favorite quotes. The ending makes you want to go out and buy the next book to read ASAP. If you're just starting the series and on the fence about the series, hold out till this book. I promise you it will make you fall right in love. This book is AMAZING, and will you begging for more.

Rating: 5/5


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