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Review: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) by Tahereh Mafi
Publication Date: November 15, 2011
Publisher: Harper
Number of Pages: 338
Format: Paperback
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I have a curse.
I have a gift.

I'm a monster.
I'm more than human.

My touch is lethal.
My touch is power.

I am their weapon.
I will fight back.

No one knows why Juliette's touch is fatal, but The Reestablishment has plans for her. Plans to use her as a weapon.But Juliette has plans of her own. After a lifetime without freedom, she's finally discovering a strength to fight back for the very first time—and to find a future with the one boy she thought she'd lost forever.

Juliette has been locked in a mental asylum for the past three years.Hasn't even talked to another person in three years. Her touch is deadly, able to kill anyone that touches her skin. Out of nowhere, she is given a cellmate, a boy. I still don't understand why she freaked out so much about the cellmate being male. But could he be the boy from her past? The only person who ever was kind to her?

Adam asks too many questions. But it's not long before the Reestablishment comes for her. And Adam isn't who he seems. But Warner is convinced that Juliette belongs to him, and there's nothing stopping him from claiming her.

Disappointment is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about this book. Even though this book is in a dystopian setting, I wouldn't even consider it a dystopia book. More of just a romance book. I couldn't even connect with Juliette. I found her very whiny and didn't even have a back bone throughout most of the process. I did like Adam, but when it came to shipping Adam and Juliette? NOPE. We didn't get to see them fall in love. It was just like oh well we're in love and we don't know anything about each other. They had feelings for each other since they were kids? They didn't even talk to each other? I could understand Juliette, he was the only person who was kind to her. But Adam? What did it matter if she had disappeared when she was 14? How can you be in love with someone that you've never talked to? I think Juliette is just too desperate for love she will fall for anyone.

Then we have Warner. Initially I have intrigued by him. Then I realized he was just a sick, crazy, psycho. Still don't understand why Warner was obsessed with Juliette, besides the fact she can be used as an easy weapon. And of course the two love interests in the books are immune to Juliette's touch. The only character I liked in the series was Kenji. Now he was awesome. Why wasn't he in majority of the book?

Now we get to my big issue. Some may say Mafi's writing style is unique, but I saw it's awful. I had to force myself to read the first four chapters. I should of stopped there. The strikeouts are annoying, but I could deal with it mostly. What got me was not writing out the numbers. For example, There were two eyes staring back at me. In the book it would be There were 2 eyes staring back at me. That is a huge no no in writing. You write out the numbers. I don't know why, but that was the hardest part to read the book. Not to mention later in the book there was a number that was half written out and then I did come across a number that was completely written out. No consistency, and I can't stand reading a book without consistency. Then there's the use of double negatives, and the metaphors. There were at least one metaphor per page, sometimes more. You do not need to over use metaphors for a good book. Or how the writing style half the time seemed like it was in a poem style. How did this book even get published?!

I only finished the book because I told a friend I would, plus I hate not finishing a book after starting it, even if I hate it. The first four chapters I had to force myself to read. The rest read better, but I just wanted to throw the book out the door. The plot of the story is actually interesting, but it needs to be done right. The author needs to attend writing classes, even basic writing classes.

Rating: 1.5/5

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