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Jen's review of 'Die for Me' by Amy Plum

DIE FOR ME (Revenants #1)
by Amy Plum
Publishing date: May 10th, 2011
Number of pages: 344
Format: Paperback
Description: In the City of Lights, two star-crossed lovers battle a fate that is destined to tear them apart again and again for eternity.

When Kate Mercier's parents die in a tragic car accident, she leaves her life--and memories--behind to live with her grandparents in Paris. For Kate, the only way to survive her pain is escaping into the world of books and Parisian art. Until she meets Vincent.

Mysterious, charming, and devastatingly handsome, Vincent threatens to melt the ice around Kate's guarded heart with just his smile. As she begins to fall in love with Vincent, Kate discovers that he's a revenant--an undead being whose fate forces him to sacrifice himself over and over again to save the lives of others. Vincent and those like him are bound in a centuries-old war against a group of evil revenants who exist only to murder and betray. Kate soon realizes that if she follows her heart, she may never be safe again.

Upon the death of her parents, Kate and her sister move from the US to go and live with their Paris-bound grandparents. I suppose since they are both under age and need some sort of parental supervision, not to mention any touch of family around during this hard time.

Kate, is probably the opposite of her party-hopping sister and is more into reading and going to galleries and museums, whereas that was probably the last thing on her sister's mind.
It's during these visits to a local cafe that Kate soon meets a stranger known as Vincent. The moment that he saves her life --- soon becomes just another reason these two find themselves drawn toward one another.
Vincent is not just an ordinary guy she happened to stumble upon. He is from an old race of Immortals who sacrifices themselves for humans over and over, and in turn they could possibly live forever if they want to.
The bond and connection that forms between these is romantic and yet probably the most dangerous thing they could ever do.
But since when should danger stop you from discovering true love?

I really loved Kate as a character. She was a realistic and strong protagonist and everything that she feels, you feel as well. I would imagine that would be the whole point, Amy Plum was intending. The only way you're going to sympathize with a character is if you can find yourself in her shoes, and that's what I did.
Since I have been to Paris myself back in '05, I could imagine the things and places that Kate and Vincent found themselves at. It gives you a nice picture and able to see things from a more personal POV.

Vincent and his fellow friends are also characters I really enjoyed. Vincent moreso than most, obviously. Hearing his story and how he became who he is, really brings the heart to the story. It's things like that which shows more to the character.
I laughed, loved, cried with these characters. I wanted the enemies to go down just like the heroes did.
Also I found myself enjoying Kate's sister whom finds herself involved with the story toward the end of the novel in quite a interesting and fascinating way.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance, paranormal with a touch of family, friendship and mystery added into the mix/
I am quite much looking forward to the second installment into this three-part book series. I can't wait to see where Plum takes this story, and these characters.


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