Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jen's review of "Whisper" by Alyson Noel

Whisper (Riley Bloom #4) by Alyson Noel
Publication date: May 2012
Publisher: Macmillan
Number of pages: 194
Format: Paperback
Description: This time, Riley might really have bitten off more than she’s ready for. After practically begging the Council for a more challenging Soul Catch, she is assigned an actual Roman gladiator—Theocoles, the Pillar of Doom. How is Riley, a skinny twelve-year-old, supposed to get through to him? Then she meets the beautiful Messalina, who convinces her that her only chance is to become part of this world. To accomplish this, Messalina helps Riley through a dramatic, mystical makeover, transforming her into the beautiful and mature teen she’s always wanted to be. Finally, Riley can experience her first boyfriend and her first kiss. With a dream this enchanting, will she ever want to leave?

First off, I would like to thank Pan Macmillan for giving me the chance to review this book in exchange for a honest review.
In what I believe is the final book of the series, Riley Bloom has always wanted to have a challenging Soul Catch, she soon gets that very chance.
After been given her assignment and being told that she has to get the attention of and bring over the soul of a man -- gladiator who has been stuck in the same time for possibly thousands of years, in the same place.

After catching the attention of another girl in the arena, Messalina, who helps Riley transforms from a 12-year old girl into someone older who would fit in with their time.
But in doing so, this young girl gives something to Riley that she never thought she would get. A magical makeover which makes her even more beautiful and older than she really is. Stuck at 12? I don't think so.

While Riley tries to convince her assignment, Theocoles to cross over. That he isn't in the time that he thinks he is, but nothing seems to work. It's as if he can't hear her and only sees and hears what he wants to hear and see.
After Riley meets a new boy and gets her very first kiss, she'll start to think that maybe she doesn't have to go back. What is back there that isn't here? She has friends and a boy who actually likes her. She isn't that little 12 yr old girl anymore. She fits in here.
But she then soon discovers that not everything is as it seems, and maybe she is being played as a fool.

There are betrayals, new discoveries and interesting developments in this installment to the life of Riley Bloom.
It's probably the best book in this series. Riley will get everything she wants and more by the time you reach the final page of this book.

I admit, I kinda always wanted Riley to end up with Bodie eventually, as I have always liked their friendship and thought there was more do it that he wasn't saying.
But I won't say what does happen, but I think there was a definite breakthrough in terms of their relationship.

                                                            Rating: 4/5

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