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Review: Deadly Desire by Keri Arthur

Deadly Desire (Riley Jensen Guardian #7) by Keri Arthur
Publication Date: March 24, 2009
Publisher: Bantam
Number of Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
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Seduction that kills. Pleasure to die for. She just can't resist.... Guardian Riley Jensen always seems to face the worst villains. And this time's no different. For it's no ordinary sorceress who can raise the dead to do her killing. But that's exactly what Riley expects to find at the end of a trail of female corpses used - and discarded - in a bizarre ritual of evil. With pressure mounting to catch one fiend, another series of brutal slayings shocks the vampire world of her lover, Quinn. So the last thing Riley needs is the heat of the upcoming full moon bringing her werewolf hormones to a boil---or the reappearance of a sexy bounty hunter, the rogue wolf Kye Murphy.

Riley has threatened Murphy with arrest if he doesn't back off the investigation, but it's Riley who feels handcuffed by Kye's lupine charm. Torn between her vamp and wolf natures, between her love for Quinn and her hots for Kye, Riley knows she's courting danger and indulging the deadliest desires. For her hunt through the supernatural underworld will bring her face-to-face with what lurks in a darkness - where even monsters fear to tread.

I have a complicated relationship with this series. I wasn't impressed with the first book, but with each book after that I started to really like the series. Now I'm back to the series being blah. I think Quinn is an ass, and stand him. And Riley must be dumb to jump right back into bed and a relationship with him without questioning anything.

While working a new case, Riley runs into bounty hunter Kye Murphy, who was serving as a body guard to her old pack when she was working a case for them.  Riley becomes annoy when he keeps popping up at her crime scenes and repeatedly threaten to have him arrested. Which in lie my first annoyance with this book. After the hundredth time threatening to have him arrested I just want to tell her to STFU. If she wanted to have him arrested she would of done it the second time he showed up. But at the same time there's an attraction that neither one of them can deny, no matter how much they don't want it.

I just want to know is Riley the only guardian that actually works on cases? And why does Riley always gets the worst ones? This book had way too much Quinn in it for my taste, and not enough of Rhoan and Liander or even Kade. I was disappointed that Quinn was her only lover in this book. She has said before that her nature needs more than one lover. And I don't buy this she has two souls so she has more than one soul mate bs. Rhoan is the same thing she is, and he doesn't have more than one soul mate. Riley is more wolf than vampire while Rhoan is vice versa, so if anyone would have two soul mates it would be him and not Riley.

I knew exactly who the killers were once Ben told her that two women own the strip club and couldn't get more information on them. Once Riley starts digging into records and saying oh these must be coincidences, how stupid can you be?! After the first coincidence she should of been very suspicious. And what was with her saying my vampire every page? I get telling strangers I need to get home to my vampire, but beyond that? It's like she wanted everyone to know that she has a vampire. Usually I love Riley. But in this book I just wanted to come through the pages and bitch slap some sense into her.

And luck would have it she finally finds her soul mate, and it's none other than Kye. Which Riley is very upset over claiming she doesn't even like him. She doesn't even know him to make that conclusion. Not to mention both were very flirty and playful during the whole book. All because he's a bounty hunter? He does the same thing she does, except she works for the government and he's pretty much a gun for hire.

From the end of the previous book I could tell what direction the series is going into. And honestly I didn't want to read this book or finish the series. I'm thankful there's only two more books left.

Rating: 3/5


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