Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Avenger (Halflings #3) by Heather Burch

Avenger (Halflings #3) by Heather Burch
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Publication date: March 26th, 2013
Number of pages: 304
Format: E-format via Netgalley
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Sometimes the Truth Comes with a Price
Nikki knew Damon Vessler would not let his prized creation go easily---she simply never imagined the lengths he'd go to get her back into his clutches, and turn Nikki's heart toward darkness.
A Seeker at her heels, trained on her blood, Nikki flees with Raven alongside her for protection, while Mace and the other Halflings fight the battle that has erupted on earth. But even as the two boys she loves fight for her, she knows the battle will be hers to win. Determined to uncover the secrets of her past, and exactly how she fits into Vessler's twisted plans, Nikki sets off on her own, and soon discovers facing hellacious beasts is nothing compared to the decision she will need to make. One that could change not only the war, and her relationship with Mace and Raven, but her future with the Throne.

I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for giving me this chance to review this installment in this great series.

We are back in Nikki, Mace and Raven's world as Nikki has to make some tough choices, choose who she wants to be, and who she wants to be with (I personally think the choice was evident since the beginning) and do what it takes to become the person she needs to be in these trying times.

This was a great end to the series (though I am hearing whispers about a possible fourth book? Maybe focusing on Raven given the ending) that ties up the relationship between Nikki, Mace and Raven. It ties up things that you had wondered about.
It was with her faith and love (but in different ways) for both boys that gave her the strength to grow into the person she was determined to become as she goes on her final mission.

Heather did a great job at ending this trilogy and I was definitely happy about the outcome. I have loved all these characters, the main three especially. It pulled at my heart strings at some moments between Mace and Nikki, and Raven and Nikki. But sometimes being on the losing side of a triangle isn't always a losing battle, sometimes it makes you grow and change so that person has the ability to find happiness elsewhere. Sometimes it is going through that experience of love and loss is what prepares you and makes you believe again.

Nikki was an amazing lead character for this series. She was young and lost in the beginning,  things changed quickly when she met this group of guys who, in the end, changed her life and made her stronger and more alive than ever before.

If there will be a spinoff, I'd definitely check it out. But if not.. that's fine for me too, since the ending was a satisfying one, but leaves things open for more exploration.

4 out of 5.

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