Thursday, July 19, 2012

April's review of 'The Finding' by Nicky Charles

The Finding (Law of the Lycans #3) by Nicky Charles
Publication Date: Feb 11, 2011
Publisher: Smashwords
Number of Pages: 442
Format: e book
Buy: Barnes and Noble
Description: She discovered a dark secret, witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life. Three years later, Cassie is still hiding from her past, haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control a terrifying beast that seems to grow stronger each day. When Bryan, pack Beta, appears to claim her, Cassie is forced to face the truth of her existence. Innocence, betrayal, greed and love collide with ancient werewolf laws in... The Finding. Third book in The Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles

The third book in the lycan series picks up three years after the second book. Cassie is living in the outskirts of Las Vegas hiding from the wolves she knows that want to find her. Even though it's been three years, Bryan hasn't been able to forget about her and finally tracks her down. Unfortunately to her so does her deceased uncle's attorney, Mr. Aldrich, who wants to make money off her being a werewolf. 

Cassie is determined to keep denying she is a werewolf, and refuses to go back with him to his pack. Especially after her boyfriend, Kellen, is kidnap by Mr. Aldrich to lure Cassie back to Chicago. Ryne and Kane, pack alpha brothers combine forces to save Kellen, and bring down Mr. Aldrich. 

I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the first one. But it's still a good story. And better yet, the whole series are free on Nook books from Barnes and Noble. It was glad to old characters, and even left it open for another book in the series. If you enjoy werewolf stories you should definitely read these.  

Rating: 3/5


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