Saturday, July 21, 2012

April's reveiw of 'Fever Moon: The Fear Dorcha' by Karen Marie Moning

Fever Moon: The Fear Dorcha (Fever 5.5) by Karen Marie Moning, Al Rio (artist), David Lawrence (scripter), Cliff Richards (illustrations)
Publication Date: July 10, 2012
Publisher: Del Rey
Number of Pages: 184
Format: Hardback
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An all-new Mac & Barrons story by #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning, marvelously adapted into a full-color graphic novel by writer David Lawrence and illustrator Al Rio

In Fever Moon, we meet the most ancient and deadly Unseelie ever created, the Fear Dorcha. For eons, he’s traveled worlds with the Unseelie king, leaving behind him a path of mutilation and destruction. Now he’s hunting Dublin, and no one Mac loves is safe.

Dublin is a war zone. The walls between humans and Fae are down. A third of the world’s population is dead and chaos reigns. Imprisoned over half a million years ago, the Unseelie are free and each one Mac meets is worse than the last. Human weapons don’t stand a chance against them.

With a blood moon hanging low over the city, something dark and sinister begins to hunt the streets of Temple Bar, choosing its victims by targeting those closest to Mac. Armed only with the Spear of Destiny and Jericho Barrons, she must face her most terrifying enemy yet.

If you haven't noticed, the new trend is creating graphic novels for your series, whether it's making the series into graphic novels or just creating a original storyline for it. I enjoy comic books when I was younger, and really love the graphic novels. It's bring the book and characters to life. This is the number one graphic novel I have been waiting for. The Fever series is my favorite series ever. And this graphic novel doesn't disappoint. 

The whole book is gorgeous. There is so much details in each scene. The coloring is beautiful. The story itself is short and I want to say cute, but not sure if that's the right word since there's nothing cute about this series. I found it interesting that Ryodan's whole face was never shown. And kind of sad that V'lane isn't in it. But at the end there is a behind the scenes section, where it has notes on various characters and sample drawings and V'lane is in there. I just can't get over how gorgeous this book is. If you are a fan of the Fever series this is a must have. If you haven't read the series, do it now! 

Rating: 5/5


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