Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Unremembered by Jessica Brody

Unremembered  (Unremembered, #1) by Jessica Brody
Publisher: Macmillan Childrens Books
Publication date: February 28th, 2013
Number of pages: 303 pgs
Format: Paperback
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A catastrophic plan crash leaves one survivor: a girl with no memory.

Who is she?

Where does she come from?

Nobody knows and no one comes forward to claim her.

Haunted by a looming threat she can't remember and plagued by abilities she doesn't understand, she struggles to recall who she is. But every clue leads to more questions. And she's running out of time to answer them.

Her only hope is a boy who claims they were once in love.

Alone and on the run, who should she trust? And what if she discovers that she is safer with a past that stays unremembered?

I'd have been looking forward to this book ever since I saw the description, minus how brief it might have been at the time at Goodreads. A year or two later the book finally comes out and of course I was anxious to read it.

I found the plot of this story interesting, and while it might not have been what I thought it was, I quite throughly enjoyed it through and through.
Jessica Brody sure knows how to entertain and hook a reader in. With interesting characters, a unique plot and a mystery to boot.

This story we find ourselves in Sera's world when she wakes up after a plane crash to be the lone survivor and having no memory whatsoever from her past, or who she is.
Since she has no living relatives and they can't find any family to speak of, Sera is then put into foster care with a nice family who she ends up liking and caring about.  Sera also knows she has the get to the bottom of who she is, where she came from and how she came to be at the site of the plane crash.
Sera, I found was quite a likable character.  This story deals with memory loss and how one goes about it. I can't imagine what it would be like myself, but it's sure an interesting theme to deal with and one that happens in everyday life.

Sera finds out some shocking and interesting things about her life, and of course there is a romance involved. Pretty much we meet the love interest right away before she even leaves the hospital. Zen is someone I liked, and so did Sera. He couldn't understand why she couldn't remember anything about her life... and that was an indication that he knew her from her previous life, who she was before.
But the question is.. how? and what exactly had happened to her to get to this state in which she does not remember a thing.
Zen turns out to be more than a love interest. He has a role in this mystery of hers more so than you would ever suspect. It was interesting in learning the events just as Sera did.

This is an intriguing story of love, self discovery, family and secrets.  It has it's flaws, as everything does, but overall, It was quite entertaining story and I was glad to have experienced it.
I look forward to where this story goes from here next. It sets up for some new and interesting plots.

Rating:  4/5

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