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April's review of "The Divide" created by LJ Smith written by Aubrey Clark

The Divide (The Secret Circle #4) creator by LJ Smith written by Aubrey Clark
Publication Date: March 20th 2012
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: 352
Format: Hardback
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Description: Keep your enemies close. . . .

For the first time since moving to New Salem, Cassie Blake feels normal. She's dating her soul mate Adam and making new friends in town. But between the secret coven of witches she belongs to and the incredible power she holds within her, Cassie is leading a far from ordinary life. When tragedy strikes the Circle, Cassie realizes being extraordinary can be a curse.
The Circle is being hunted by an unknown enemy—and anyone could be the next victim. As they struggle to protect themselves, alliances are formed and relationships are tested. No one knows who to trust or who to fear. Will Cassie be able to save the Circle . . . and herself? Or will her choices break it apart forever?

I'll be honest. When I first heard that a forth TSC book was coming out after all these years I was a little weary. I never got the point in continuing a series after nearly 20 years. Even though I love the original TSC books and the original TVD books I was glad that LJ didn't actually write this book herself. Aubrey Clark did a wonderful job with it. You can't even tell that it's not LJ writing. 

The forth book picks up right where the last one left off. With Black John gone the Circle can now relax. Cassie is getting used to not only being a leader but actually being with her soul mate, Adam. But for some reason Cassie just can't shake the feeling that trouble is ahead. After Melanie's Aunt Constance passes away, it's revealed that there are ancient witch hunters in town. And these witch hunters are nothing compare to Portia's brothers from the original three books. These hunters are the real deal and they have power. Promising not to do any magic the Circle struggle to stay alive. Once a hunter marks a witch there is nothing you can do to escape death.  Cassie struggles with her position in the Circle when she discovers she has a half sister from her father. And that after finding out she's kidnap by the hunters. She doesn't understand why the Circle wouldn't risk saving her family. Even Adam sides against her. Cassie may just make a mistake that will cost her everything she loves. 

I really did enjoy this book. I do wonder if the author and the tv show writers collaborated. Or if she had took ideas from the show. There are a lot of tv show connections in the book. It's very easily to fall back into this world. I do have to say Diana and Cassie were just breaking my heart. For most of the book there's a big rift in between them. Which is to be expected. Even though Diana told Adam and Cassie that they had to be together it's can't be easy for her. Not to mention for years Adam and Diana had always went to each other for advice and shared everything. Habits like that are hard to break. Not only is Cassie struggling with her friendship to Diana, there is also Nick. Nick has pretty much shut Cassie out, but she is determined to resume the friendship they had. 

There's a few surprises in store and at the end two members of the Circle are mark as witches. I would say if you love the original series this is a must read. 


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