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Review: The Dead Girls' Dance by Rachel Caine

The Dead Girls' Dance (Morganville Vampires, #2) by Rachel Caine
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Publication date:  April 7th, 2008
Number of pages: 380 pgs
Format: Paperback
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Good news, girls: your dates are here!

Claire Danvers has had her share of challenges - like being a genius in a school that favours beauty over brains, dealing with the homicidal girls in her dorm and, above all, finding out that her college town is overrun with blood-sucking fiends. On the plus side, so far Claire and her friends have managed to survive getting on the wrong side of some Morganville VIPs . . . Vampire Important Persons. But their temporary peace is in danger of collapsing, thanks to the arrival of her new boyfriend's scary father and his vampire-fighting supporters.

Bad news, girls: they're dead.

The story to Rachel Caine's second installment to the Morganville Vampires series picks right up where Glass Houses left off.
Shane father has arrived back in town determined to get rid of all the vampires that he can for revenge of the death of his wife and daughter. But things don't go according to plan.
When a death of a vampire occurs, Shane's father's friends get accused and then Shane gets involved in the mess forcing Amelie to make a harsh decision concerning his fate.
The question is, is he innocent or guilty. Claire believes he has done nothing wrong so she goes to extreme lengths to protect him and her friends and to set him free of the charges he has been accused of.

Claire also receives an offer of protection, not just for herself, but also for her friends.
Michael also finds himself in a situation when he makes a drastic choice that will change his whole life, and one that will have consequences on his relationships with his friends, especially Shane.

The relationships between Shane and Claire, also Michael and Eve begin to evolve and progress. You even start to understand Eve a little more as you get information on her family.

This was a great book and looking forward to see how things progress for the rest of the series. 

Rating: 5/5

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