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Review: Winds of Salem by Melissa de la Cruz

Winds of Salem (The Beauchamp Family, #3) by Melissa de la Cruz
Publisher: Hyperion
Publication date: August 13th, 2013
Number of pages: 320 pgs
Format: Hardcover
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Freya Beauchamp has been kidnapped and sucked into the past, forced to relive the horrors of Salem and return to the witch-burning hysteria that gripped the small Massachusetts town. Freya’s family is determined to save her, but the Passages of Time are closed to the Beauchamp family, leaving them stuck in the present, centuries from Freya. Joanna, Freddie, and Ingrid must find another way back to save Freya before it's too late. Because this time, when Freya is hanged, she's not coming back…ever.

The Beauchamps are sure that their nemesis, the trickster god Loki, is behind the brewing hatred in Salem and Freya's kidnapping—but is the witch hunt just a way for the power-seeking Putnam family, whose daughter Ann was one of the first accusers, to settle scores and consolidate their hold on the lands and power in town?

Black magic, time travel, romance, mystery, history, and adventure are served up in a cauldron of bubbly magic in the latest installation of the New York Times bestselling series Witches of East End.

Melissa has continued to impress me book by book, and this one is no exception. In the third installment to Melissa de la Cruz's 'Witches of East End' aka 'The Beauchamp Family' series comes a thrilling and new story has it continues from Serpent's Kiss.

Not only do we discover what indeed happened to Freya after she was sucked back in time, thanks to Loki, but we also discover what really happened to the mystery of the bridge back in Asgard. Not everything or everyone is as it seems, and there was some twists and turns not even I saw coming.
Freya finds herself trapped back in the past which she had already relived; during the time when she was in the Salem Witch Trials and burned at the stake. Not a pleasant time to rehash, no? She has no choice, but with the help of some new friends, Freya will see if she can stop the ultimate outcome. There seems to be someone that wants her erased, for good, but who is it? Is it the trickster, Loki, or is it some other enemy they have yet to see coming?

This book is split between the past where we deal with the Witch Hunts and Freya with her entanglement, and then we have present day and discover just what is happening with Ingrid & Matt, Joanna and Norman and Freddie with his life.
Melissa did a great job with tying up storylines in this book. We get the answers we have waited since the beginning to discover which surprised me a tad. We get the end of some eras, and the beginning of others.
We also find out more about the past between Freya/Killian/Bran. Speaking of the triangle. I am not sure if I like how she concluded it in the end. I suppose in some ways it makes sense, but in other ways, it just makes Freya just another in the middle of two men. Although in my opinion, Killian/Balder has always been her true love. It's definitely a difficult situation to be in that's for sure.; And if Melissa continues on with more books we'll see what happens with the three of them.

Some parts of the book, toward the end made me sad, but I also love the relationship between Joanna and her husband, Norman. You discover more of their past that goes back to the beginning of time and how they started out. I think they may be the true love story of the series. This series is about family. true love. friendships and sisterhood. Magic. Mythology.

A pretty satisfying conclusion to this particular arc. I definitely would love if Melissa did decide to do more books. I think there are more stories to tell for these characters and past to be explored.

Rating: 4.5/5

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