Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: Misguided Angel by Melissa de la Cruz

Misguided Angel (Blue Bloods #5) by Melissa de la Cruz
Publication date: October 26th, 2010
Publisher: Hyperion
Number of pages: 265
Format: Hardcover
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Description: After inheriting the dark Van Alen Legacy, Schuyler fled to Florence with her forbidden love, Jack. Now the two of them must embark on the mission Schuyler was destined to complete: to find and protect the five remaining gates that guard the earth from Lucifer, lord of the Silver Bloods.

Back in New York, Mimi has been elected Regent of a crumbling coven. Struggling with her heartache over the loss of Kingsley and with her overwhelming desire to destroy Jack, she must focus all of her energy on a perilous new threat. Vampires are being abducted and their captors are planning to burn them alive online...for all the world to see. Help arrives in the form of Deming Chen, a Venator from Shanghai, who must untangle the web of deceptions before the killers strike again.

As the young vampires struggle for the survival of the coven, they uncover a deadly secret, a truth first discovered by Schuyler’s mother during the Renaissance but kept buried for centuries. And as the Blue Blood enclave weakens yet further, fate leads Schuyler to a terrible choice that will ultimately map the destiny of her heart.
Jen's review:
Melissa delivers yet another fantastic installment to her BB series, and this one sure does not disappoint. I'm not even sure she knows the meaning of the word. :P
Not only do we get both Schuyler and Mimi's usual POV's in the book, but we also get introduced to a new interesting character, Demming Chan. She is someone she was brought in to help with an investigation in which they can't solve themselves.

We also see glimpses of the past from Florence and see something seriously went wrong back then. I personally would like to hear more of the past. I find it very fascinating of past cycles.
This story brings us  a few new developments, and ones which we might not have expected.
A budding new friendship in the form of Mimi and her unlikely partner in well, not crime, Oliver. This was something I really liked. Mimi herself has been growing on me since the previous book, and I feel these two would have more in common than they would like to even admit to themselves. But when they find themselves working side by side, they soon discover it's a task that is not as horrible as they originally thought it might be.
Mimi also faces some new challenges. In her new work as regis, and also some personal conflicts. Will she choose love, or revenge?

Schuyler and her love, Jack find themselves with a battle all of their own. They are still on the run, but trouble is never too far behind them. I can understand that some people might think things have gotten boring between them, but I don't think that is the case. Sure, things might be different now they are together, but that does not mean they don't have things to face and overcome that is standing in their way.  They have Mimi who is hunting Jack down, and if he goes back to New York, there is a chance his soul could be burned on the blood trial.
They don't have much time for themselves, but what they do have, they make it worth something. Sometimes small moments is all you have, and you have to make it count and that they sure do.

New character, Demming Chan also finds herself in quite the situation when she gets put on a case that turns its head inside out. Just when you think you have the killer, doesn't mean you know the full story.
She gets brought in when a girl is found dead, and she is determined in discovered who did it, and for what reasons. But as she digs deeper inside the case, she starts to learn things about the people closest to the girl in question that make things appear clearer, and more tragic once the truth finally gets revealed. It's a doozy and one she never thought she'd see.
It was interesting to see this new character come into the story, but I quite liked her. She was strong, determined and honest. I look forward to discovering more about her and her sister, who seems to be coming in quite soon given the ending of the book.

Melissa always seems to do a great job at keeping the story fresh, and true to the characters. This world is so fascinating I feel I never want to move out from it.

Verdict --

April's Review:

 The format for the fifth installment of Cruz's Blue Blood series is a little different format than the previous books. The book is divided into three different parts, and each part is focus on a different character. The first part focuses on Schuyler and Jack. In the last book they fled to  European Concave to seek protection under Countess Isabelle. But it wasn't long until they realized that the Countess has imprisoned them, and refuses to let them leave. Barely escaping with their lives they start their search for the Gate of Promise. But the Blue Blood doesn't make anything easy. They discovered that humans were left in charge of the gate, but turns out wasn't the real gate after all. But Mimi has put a bounty on Jack's head. As long as he stays with her, he's putting her life in danger. He makes the only decision that he can make. This part was super cute and sweet. They still remain my favorite couple of the series.

The second part focuses on Mimi and her new role as Regent. But not everyone is very happy with her new title. But it's not long before someone is abducting young vampires and threatening to burn them to show to the world. Mimi turns to the last person you would think, Oliver. And I absolutely loved these two working together. It's nice to see a pair together with no romantic interest on either part what so ever. They both seem to understand each other. As much as I love Sky and Jack, I do think this was my favorite part in the book.

And the third part we are introduced to a new character, Deming Chen. I immediately took a liking to her. Even though Mimi couldn't save the vampire in time, she is determined to find the killer. Deming is a Truth Seeker Venator, is one of the best. Similar to what Kingsley did in the second book, Deming was sent undercover into Duchesne. But it isn't long before a second vampire is taken. Deming has never failed a case before, but the time clock is running out.

Like the rest of the books in the series, this one is a very quick and easy read. I feel like it's more of a filler book. Really no new plots, but seems like they are setting up for the next book. But still is amazing.

Verdict --