Friday, June 22, 2012

More Cover Reveals [Destroy Me, Unravel Me, Boundless]

It seems like its cover reveal week, and while I did post some... a few more have come out of the work.

Do NOT have this series to turn into a love triangle between Adam/Juliette/Warner.  Adam and Juliette are made for one another.
End of story. 
But I am looking forward to his story.

My only complaint. The change in style. Does not match my Shatter Me paperback. Which means one thing: I need to give my copy to April and I shall re-buy it in this new style when it comes out.
I do not do well with change.

PRETTY. I am more so looking forward to the Australian cover, as those are my favourite (plus with me being aussie), but this is great!

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